Friday, June 22, 2012

0100 - Going public

I talked about this before: the archaeology of prehistoric enclosures (as all archaeology actually) needs to go public. In fact, its relevance (and the relevance of its professionals) critically depends in the capacity of produce some valued social return, and there are some interesting projects all over Europe working this way.

In Portugal, we are just beginning, and Perdigões is a leading project on that matter, assuming that research has its own funding future and social justification in becoming relevant to the general public. But we are also aware that its relevance depends back in regular research of quality.

So, at Perdigões there is a path that is being walked with conviction in social responsibility. And that has been noticed here and there.

Even Google caught us excavating last year (2011). It was the first week of field work. And we will be there again this year. Next week we will be preparing the excavation that will start at July 16th. You can fallow it then in its own blog (see the side bar).

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