Wednesday, June 5, 2013

0189 - The (i)logic ditches

Sometimes it is not easy to understand the options of prehistoric people. In fact I would say that is not just sometimes. But that depends on the ability that we have to dialogue “with them”.

For instance, let’s look at a specific situation at Perdigões.

Why ditch 7, opened after ditch 8, is more concentric to previous ditch 6 than ditch 8? Why ditch 7 develops a path that is different but, in a specific area, cuts (and probably uses) the previous ditch 8? Why are they so close to each other in certain areas and so apart in others?
Modern functional explanations fail to answer these questions. Not because they are just “functional” explanations, but, perhaps, because they are just too simplistic.

That is the amazing thing about the plans provided by geophysics. If we look carefully to the plans we find a lot “food for thought” about the nature of enclosures. “Food” that might help us to make conscience of the bizarre that the “definitive discourse” keeps missing.

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