Sunday, February 2, 2014

0238 – Perdigões NE gate

Gate SE. Excavation are revealing that gate NE has the same general plan.

As a result of the Málaga team collaboration in the Research Program at Perdigões we have now some more information about the architectures of the NE gate (Márquez Romero et al. 2013). In relation to the semi-circular trenches that develops in front of the gates of the outside ditch (ditch 1), gate NE showed that there are two associated features, one deeper corresponding to a ditch and another one smaller corresponding to a probable palisade infrastructure. This architectonic element conditioned the circulation through the gate, forcing it to lateral paths.

 Image of the double feature in gate NE (Márquez Romero et al, 2013) 
And a simplified reconstitution of the possible palisade/ditch.

Now we are waiting for the radiocarbon dates to see if this feature was built at the same time as ditch one (and was there since the beginning of the gate) or if it was a later addition. The research there has been showing that there is a quite complex sequence of architectonic remodeling in this gate.

MÁRQUEZ-ROMERO, J.H.; SUÁREZ PADILLA, J.; MATA VIVAR, E.; JÍMENEZ-JÁIMEZ; CARO, J. L.; CUEVAS ALBADALEJO, P. (2013) – Actuaciones aqrueológicas realizadas por la Universidad de Málaga en el yacimiento de Perdigões (Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal): trienio 2011-2013. Apontamentos de Arqueologia e Património. NIA-ERA. N.º 9 (2013). p. 61-76

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