Thursday, June 2, 2011

0020 - The importance of Topography

The picture presents the topographical locations of Xancra (at the top) and Monte do Oilval (at the bottom). Both are in the middle of slopes, with high ground behind. Xancra is in a smooth open slope facing east. Monte do Olival is in a more inclined one, with the hill top just in the back of the enclosure, facing northeast. The chosen topographical ground for these two enclosures is quite similar to the one selected to the cromlechs of Almendres or Vale Maria do Meio.


  1. The key word is visilibity.
    In Monte do Olival you should look for the third wall........

  2. Geophysical propspections will start June 21th. The Summer Solstice. Looking at the google image, I suspect is the adequate day :).
    And they are ditches, not walls. And they are not three, but at least four.

  3. Sorry......a fifth ditch (a bigger settlement), the walls are just my interpretation.