Friday, January 11, 2013

0142 – The strange entrance

At the Senhora da Alegria, two small ditches define a gate. They probably date from middle Neolithic and document one of the earlier contexts with ditches in Portuguese Prehistory. Not the earliest, because in the previous occupation of Early Neolithic of the same site another small ditch was identified.

But if they are not the earliest at least have the most strange and interesting gate structure ever.

The structure in front the gate of one of the ditch structures of Senhora da Alegria.


  1. Was there something in them? Also what is what lies behind them: a tomb? I find difficult to imagine people walking over them, so they probably did not even enter at all once established but I'd have to ponder the overall structure and findings in them.

  2. In post 0082 you have a clear vew of the relation of this structure with the ditch gate. Inside de structures there were sediments and stones suggesting it was to support a timber structure related to the entrance.