Thursday, January 24, 2013

0146 – Ditches 8 and 12 of Perdigões

Ditch 8

Ditch 8 is still in excavation (it will be finished this summer). It is interesting to notice that the already excavated part has a sequence of deposits that concentrate large amounts of pottery shards and faunal remains (once again almost just pottery a fauna), in a horizontal surface at the centre of the ditch. There were at least three of those layers, separated by deposits with less and more disperse material.

This is a situation that reminds the cover of pottery shards that ended the filling of ditch 12 (the one with the “Almeriense Idols” deposited at the bottom (see here).

 Ditch 12 and 6. Red dot in ditch 12 are pottery shards.

These kinds of depositions inside ditches keep repeating at Perdigões enclosure. 

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