Sunday, January 20, 2013

0145 - Monte das Cabeceiras 2...

... is the name of the new big ditched enclosure, discovered just 3,5 km from Salvada. A water supply infrastructure of EDIA is planned across the site and some previous surveys were done by Omniknos company.
            To evaluate the implications of the discovery of the enclosures to the project we visited the site yesterday, a day of huge storms in Portugal. The rain and strong wind were annoying, but we could conclude that the site is big and the surface material clearly shows an occupation from Chalcolithic period, as this limestone pot corroborates. 

This kind of artefacts usually appear associated to funerary structures, like in Perdigões for instance. Their presence in Monte das Cabeceiras could indicate that the site also has funerary contexts. That wouldn´t be a surprise, since all large ditched enclosures known in Iberia have funerary contexts directly associated.

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