Friday, February 28, 2014

0241 – Looking a little further

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Satellite images in Google or other areal images are good to detect some ditched enclosures. But to get more and better information, geophysics is needed. However, we can only do a little bit more with those previous images. Some color treatment and enhancement can provide some new surprises, even if they are not to clear.  

At this new site, apart from the three ring ditches and a smaller circular enclosure inside, we can now see what might be some entrance structures in the east side (arrow). But even more interesting, a previous circular enclosure seems to be there.

This site needs geophysics.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

0240 - Recently discovered...

... through google in Beja district (again).

Thursday, February 13, 2014

0239 – Proceedings will be published by BAR

The proceedings of the meeting “RECENT PREHISTORY ENCLOSURES AND FUNERARY PRACTICES” (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon 6 to 8 of November 2012) will be published by BAR in 2014.


Revisiting the issue of Recent Prehistoy Enclosures and Funerary Pratices.
António Carlos Valera

Times and timing of enclosure
Alasdair Whittle

Burial & enclosure in middle neolithic Britain: some observations and some problems of continuity.
Alex Gibson 

 The place of human remains and funerary practices in Recent Neolithic ditched and walled enclosures in the West of France (IV- III mill. BC)
Audrey Blanchard, Jean-Noël Guyodo, Ludovic Soler

Funerary practices in the Perdigões enclosure: time, diversity and cosmogony in the treatment conceded to the dead.
António Carlos Valera

Skeletons in the ditch: funerary activity in ditched enclosures of Porto Torrão (Ferreira do Alentejo, Beja)
Filipa Rodrigues

Human Bones, Burials and Funerary practices at Perdigões Enclosure
Ana Maria Silva, Cláudia Cunha

Human Bones from Chalcolithic Walled E nclosures of Portuguese Estremadura: the example of Zambujal.
Michael Kunst, Anna Waterman

Human Bones from Chalcolithic Walled Enclosures of Portuguese Estremadura: Leceia
João Luís Cardoso, Anna Waterman

Human sacrifices with cannibalistic practices in a pit enclosure? The extraordinary early Neolithic site of Herxheim (Palatinate, Germany)
Andrea Zeeb-Lanz

Gendered burial at a henge like enclosure near Magdeburg, Central Germano: A tale of reverence and ritual killings?
André Spatzier, Marcus Stephen

The Copper Age ditched settlement at Conelle di Arcevia (central Italy)
Alberto Cazzella, Giulia Recchia

Funerary practices in the Copper Age settlement of Valencina de la Concepción (Seville): formal diversity and social rank.
Leonardo García Sanjuán 

Funerary Practices in the ditched enclosure of Camiño de las Yeseras: ritual, temporal and spatial diversity
Patricia Ríos, Corina Liesau, Concepción Blanco

Ditched enclosures in La Pijotilla and San Blás (Badajoz, Spain)
Victor Hurtado, Carlos Odriozola

Sunday, February 2, 2014

0238 – Perdigões NE gate

Gate SE. Excavation are revealing that gate NE has the same general plan.

As a result of the Málaga team collaboration in the Research Program at Perdigões we have now some more information about the architectures of the NE gate (Márquez Romero et al. 2013). In relation to the semi-circular trenches that develops in front of the gates of the outside ditch (ditch 1), gate NE showed that there are two associated features, one deeper corresponding to a ditch and another one smaller corresponding to a probable palisade infrastructure. This architectonic element conditioned the circulation through the gate, forcing it to lateral paths.

 Image of the double feature in gate NE (Márquez Romero et al, 2013) 
And a simplified reconstitution of the possible palisade/ditch.

Now we are waiting for the radiocarbon dates to see if this feature was built at the same time as ditch one (and was there since the beginning of the gate) or if it was a later addition. The research there has been showing that there is a quite complex sequence of architectonic remodeling in this gate.

MÁRQUEZ-ROMERO, J.H.; SUÁREZ PADILLA, J.; MATA VIVAR, E.; JÍMENEZ-JÁIMEZ; CARO, J. L.; CUEVAS ALBADALEJO, P. (2013) – Actuaciones aqrueológicas realizadas por la Universidad de Málaga en el yacimiento de Perdigões (Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal): trienio 2011-2013. Apontamentos de Arqueologia e Património. NIA-ERA. N.º 9 (2013). p. 61-76