Wednesday, May 20, 2015

0299 – A new one (of two)

Today, just a few hours before giving a talk about large ditched enclosures in the Lisbon Society of Geography through a collaboration with Era Arqueologia, I identified two new ones in Alentejo while I was locating, in Google Earth, some emergency excavations done in the context of Edia water supply network.

Here is the bigger one. Not one of the largest (it has about 2,2 ha “only”), but quite near to two larger ones (Salvada and Monte das Cabeceiras) that are already too close to each other.

It looks that there is an internal enclosure with a wavy ditch and a double ditch defining an outside enclosure.

I do not know yet the chronologies of these new site, but the density of ditched enclosures around Beja is amazing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

0298 - Salvada enclosure

Will be one of the ditched enclosures addressed in my next conference in May 20th at Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

0297 - In front of the gate

At Perdigões, in front of the gate identified in Ditch 10, by the outside, there are several pits. All of them are of small depth (no more than 15 cm), except one, that is larger. It is not yet totally excavated, so we do not know its depth and all that is inside it.

However, the top layers present interesting depositions.

In the top deposit there was this ceramic “idol”.

Just below it, a complete vessel lays in a “bed” of stones.  

And in the next layer a perfect half of a plate was deposited.

Again, intentionality is easily recognized here as is the importance of parts and wholes.