Monday, May 14, 2012

0092 - Sinuous ditches at Perdigões

This is the geophysical image (by Helmut Becker) of a part of the double wavy ditches (3 and 4) of Perdigões and the surveyed area of Sector I (with the two ditches excavated areas and some excavated pits). The ditches are just 2,5 meters apart, but the inner one is slightly latter than the outside one (radiocarbon dating shows this). They decided to open a new ditch, just two and a half meters inside the previous one that was only half filled with horizontal deposits of stones, shards of pottery, faunal remains and some human bones. It would be easier to re-excavate the previous ditch. But they didn’t. It seems that they decided to open a new one, wavy, parallel and very near to the one already existing in that area (to be filled in a similar way). Once more, the traditional functional and economical logic fails here.

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