Friday, October 26, 2012

0117 – A new one?

It might be a new one. It really looks like a ditch, slightly sinuous, from a Prehistoric enclosure. But only a section was defined. It has a gate, but the ditch ends in one side and continues to an unexcavated area on the other side. There are also some pits.

This section of the ditch was surveyed in two areas. In both it reveals a depth of just 30 centimetres and no archaeological material was recovered. What can we make of this? A ditch started but that wasn’t finished? It would be the first evidence of such a situation and, therefore, the site would be quite important.

We shall see. For the time being, the area will be enlarged and we possibly have a larger definition of the plan of this strange ditch.

It is in Alentejo, of course, near Moura. A work of Era Company to Edia S.A.

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