Friday, October 19, 2012

116 - International Meeting

18 days to go...

Alasdair Whittle (Cardiff University, Wales, UK)
Single or multiple?: exploring narratives for the development of enclosures in central and western Europe from the sixth to fourth millennia cal BC
Niels Andersen (Copenhagen University, Denmark)
Were the causewayed enclosures and the megalithic monuments of the Funnel Beaker Culture in Denmark places for special deposits of fragmented, funeral materials?
Alex.M. Gibson (Bradford University, UK)
Burial & Enclosure in Middle Neolithic Britain: some observations and some problems of continuity.
Jean-Noël Guyodo & Audrey Blanchard (Nantes University, France)
The place of funerary practices in Late Neolithic ditched and walled enclosures in the West of France.
António Valera (NIA-ERA Arqueologia S.A., Portugal)
Funerary practices in the Perdigões enclosure: time, diversity and cosmogony in the treatment  conceded to the dead.
Filipa Rodrigues (Crivarque, Lda., Portugal)
Skeletons in the ditch: funerary activity in ditched enclosures of Porto Torrão (Ferreira do Alentejo,
Ana Maria Silva & Cláudia Cunha (Coimbra University, Portugal)
Human Bones, Burials and Funerary practices at Perdigões Enclosure
Michael Kunst (German Archaeological Institute, Madrid, Spain), João L. Cardoso (Univer. Aberta, Lisbon) &
A. J. Waterman (Department of Natural and Applied Sciences Mount Mercy University USA
Human Bones from Chalcolithic Walled Enclosures of Portuguese Estremadura: examples of Zambujal  and Leceia.
Susana Oliveira Jorge (Oporto University, Portugal)
Enclosures and funerary practices: about an archaeology in search for the symbolic dimension of social relations.
Andrea Zeeb-Lanz (Cultural Administration of Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)
Human sacrifices with cannibalistic practices in a pit enclosure? The extraordinary early Neolithic site of Herxheim (Palatinate, Germany)
André Spatzier (Halle – Wittenberg University, Germany)
Warriors and victims? Gendered burial at a henge like enclosure near Magdeburg, Central Germany.

Cosmin Suciu (Lucian Blaga din Sibiu University, Romania)

Turdas Eneolithic enclosure system and its funerary practices.

Giulia Recchia (University of Foggia, Italy)
The Copper Age ditched settlement at Conelle di Arcevia (central Italy)
Leonardo García Sanjuán (Seville University, Spain)
Funerary practices in the Copper Age settlement of Valencina de la Concepción (Seville): formal  diversity and social rank.
Patricia Ríos, Corina Liesau & Concepción Blasco (University Autónoma of Madrid, Spain)
Death areas in the ditched enclosure of Camino de Las Yeseras.  A reference site in the center of the Iberian Peninsula.
Victor Hurtado & Carlos Odriozola (Seville University, Spain)
Ditched enclosures in La Pijotilla and San Blas (Badajoz, Spain)
J. E. Marquéz Romero & Víctor Jiménez Jaiméz (Malaga University, Spain)
Meeting synthesis

Field trip:
Perdigões enclosure (Reguengos de Monsaraz); Santa Vitória enclosure (Campo Maior); Évora city.

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