Monday, June 10, 2013

0191 – Displaying Perdigões

It is not a proper museum. Is more like a small exhibition that function as an interpretation centre. It opened in 2004, in the medieval tower of Esporão, and is one of the two exhibitions specifically dedicated to prehistoric ditched enclosures in Portugal (the other one is in Alcalar, Algarve).

I was involved in the conception of that exhibition. And I am not comfortable with it anymore. In the last nine years the research in Perdigões has increased and what we know now is not reflected in that exhibition. But, even so, a visit will give a fair notion of the site and of its importance for the understanding of Neolithic and Chalcolithic communities of the region.

Some updating is expected this year. But what I would like to stress is that this effort of display is totally financed by private initiative, by the company who ones the site (Esporão S.A.) and by the company who is leading its research program (Era), although public support also exist for research.

This is a project that reaches the age of 15 this year. Slowly, it has grown to become one of the most important projects of Portuguese archaeology, with national and international expression.

In this weekend there was another moment of public display. It was in the “Festa da Arqueologia” that took place in the ruins of Carmo convent (the headquarters of the Portuguese Association of Archaeologists). There, ideas were shared and the problems of public display debated.

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