Friday, June 28, 2013

0194 – New enclosures…Ups! Spain.

When we are “prospecting” in Google Earth it is easy to inadvertently cross the border. That happened recently to Tiago and he just bumped into (most probably) new ditched enclosures in the Spanish side of the border. At least one look likes the Portuguese sinuous patterned ones, like Xancra, Outeiro Alto or Santa Vitória. If so, they are the first ones of this typology to be recognized in Spain.


  1. I'm not sure that's the first "spanish sinuous".... we have Venta de Rapa (Jaen)... anycase, I hope they extend to the Mediterranean ;-)
    quite nice. congratulations

  2. I know of Venta de la Rapa. It has sinuous ditches, similar to Moreiros 2. There are also sinuous ditches (the soft wavy ones) at Papa Uvas and Marroquíes. But I was talking about the well patterned ones, with very standard lobules, like Xancra or Santa Vitória. Those only were recognized at Alentejo. But one of these Spanish "new ones" seems to be like that. And it is just 26 km from Santa Vitória.

  3. really interesting. congratulations again